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Ouverte par Aurélien PONCINI - 23.06.2015
Dernière modification par Aurélien PONCINI - 23.06.2015

FS#393 - Mise à jour Roundcube Webmail 1.0.3 -> 1.1.2

Nous allons procéder à la mise à jour du webmail Roundcube. Version actuelle : 1.0.3 Version future : 1.1.2 CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail =========================== RELEASE 1.1.2 ------------- - Add new plugin hook 'identity_create_after' providing the ID of the inserted identity (#1490358) - Add option to place signature at bottom of the quoted text even in top-posting mode [sig_below] - Fix handling of %-encoded entities in mailto: URLs (#1490346) - Fix zipped messages downloads after selecting all messages in a folder (#1490339) - Fix vpopmaild driver of password plugin - Fix PHP warning: Non-static method PEAR::setErrorHandling() should not be called statically (#1490343) - Fix tables listing routine on mysql and postgres so it skips system or other database tables and views (#1490337) - Fix message list header in classic skin on window resize in Internet Explorer (#1490213) - Fix so text/calendar parts are listed as attachments even if not marked as such (#1490325) - Fix lack of signature separator for plain text signatures in html mode (#1490352) - Fix font artifact in Google Chrome on Windows (#1490353) - Fix bug where forced extwin page reload could exit from the extwin mode (#1490350) - Fix bug where some unrelated attachments in multipart/related message were not listed (#1490355) - Fix mouseup event handling when dragging a list record (#1490359) - Fix bug where preview_pane setting wasn't always saved into user preferences (#1490362) - Fix bug where messages count was not updated after message move/delete with skip_deleted=false (#1490372) - Fix security issue in contact photo handling (#1490379) - Fix possible memcache/apc cache data consistency issues (#1490390) - Fix bug where imap_conn_options were ignored in IMAP connection test (#1490392) - Fix bug where some files could have "executable" extension when stored in temp folder (#1490377) - Fix attached file path unsetting in database_attachments plugin (#1490393) - Fix issues when using moduserprefs.sh without --user argument (#1490399) - Fix potential info disclosure issue by protecting directory access (#1490378) - Fix blank image in html_signature when saving identity changes (#1490412) - Installer: Use openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() (if available) to generate des_key (#1490402) - Fix XSS vulnerability in _mbox argument handling (#1490417) RELEASE 1.1.1 ------------- - ACL: Allow other plugins to adjust the list of permissions and groups to edit - Add possibility to print contact information (of a single contact) - Add possibility to configure max_allowed_packet value for all database engines (#1490283) - Improved handling of storage errors after message is sent - Update to TinyMCE 4.1.9 - Unified request* event arguments handling, added support for _unlock and _action parameters - Security: Generate random hash for the per-user local storage prefix (#1490279) - Fix refreshing of drafts list when sending a message which was saved in meantime (#1490238) - Fix saving/sending emoticon images when assets_dir is set - Fix PHP fatal error when visiting Vacation interface and there's no sieve script yet (#1490292) - Fix setting max packet size for DB caches and check packet size also in shared cache - Fix needless security warning on BMP attachments display (#1490282) - Fix handling of some improper constructs in format=flowed text as per the RFC3676[4.5] (#1490284) - Fix performance of rcube_db_mysql::get_variable() - Fix missing or not up-to-date CATEGORIES entry in vCard export (#1490277) - Fix fatal errors on systems without mbstring extension or mb_regex_encoding() function (#1490280) - Fix cursor position on reply below the quote in HTML mode (#1490263) - Fix so "over quota" errors are displayed also in message compose page - Fix duplicate entries supression in autocomplete result (#1490290) - Fix "Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically" errors (#1490281) - Fix parsing invalid HTML messages with BOM after (#1490291) - Fix duplicate entry on timezones list in rcube_config::timezone_name_from_abbr() (#1490293) - Fix so localized folder name is displayed in multi-folder search result (#1490243) - Fix javascript error after creating a folder which is a subfolder of another one (#1490297) - Fix bug where subject of sent/saved message was removed if mbstring wasn't installed (#1490295) - Fix missing vcard_attachment icon on messages list (#1490303) - Fix storing signatures with big images in MySQL database (#1490306) - Fix Opera browser detection in javascript (#1490307) - Fix so search filter, scope and fields are reset on folder change - Fix rows count when messages search fails (#1490266) - Fix bug where spellchecking in HTML editor do not work after switching editor type more than once (#1490311) - Fix bug where TinyMCE area height was too small on slow network connection (#1490310) - Fix backtick character handling in sql queries (#1490312) - Fix redirct URL for attachments loaded in an iframe when behind proxy (#1490191) - Fix menu container references to point to the actual
    element (#1490313) - Fix javascripts errors in IE8 - lack of Event.which, focusing a hidden element (#1490318) RELEASE 1.1.0 ------------- - Make SMTP error log more verbose - include server response and error code - Fix download options menu (added by zipdownload plugin) in classic skin (#1490228) - Fix blocked.gif image usage with assets_dir set - Fix bug where max_group_members was ignored when adding a new contact (#1490214) - Hide MDN and DSN options in compose if disabled by admin (#1490221) - Fix checks based on window.ActiveXObject in IE > 10 - Fix XSS issue in style attribute handling (#1490227) - Fix bug where Drafts list wasn't updated on draft-save action in new window (#1490225) - Fix so "set as default" option is hidden if identities_level > 1 (#1490226) - Fix bug where search was reset after returning from compose visited for reply - Fix javascript error in "IE 8.0/Tablet PC" browser (#1490210) - Fix bug where Reply-To address was ignored on reply to messages sent by self (#1490233) - Fix bug where empty fieldmap config entries caused empty results of ldap search (#1490229) - Fix bug where drafts list wasn't refreshed after draft message was sent from another window (#1490238) - Fix keyboard navigation and css in datepicker widget across many Firefox versions - Fix false warning when opening attached text/plain files (#1490241) - Fix bug where signature could have been inserted twice after plain-to-html switch (#1490239) - Fix security issue in DBMail driver of password plugin (#1490261) - Enable FollowSymLinks option in .htaccess file which is required by rewrite rules (#1490255) - Fix so JSON.parse() errors on localStorage items are ignored (#1490249) RELEASE 1.1-rc -------------- - Update jQuery to version 2.1.3 - Allow to override any config option through env variables - Improve system security by using optional special URL with security token - use_secure_urls - Allow to define separate server/path for image/js/css files - assets_url/assets_dir - Sync vendor folder if exists in source package (#1490145) - Avoid useless reloading list when resetting search with active filter (#1490057) - Fix invalid folder selection if clicked while busy (#1490158) - Fix import of multiple contact email addresses from Outlook-csv format (#1490169) - Fix drag-n-drop to folders expanded while dragging (#1490157) - Fix import of multiple contact groups from Google-csv format (#1490159) - Fix import of contacts with multiple email addresses from Google-csv format (#1490178) - Fix bugs where CSRF attacks were still possible on some requests - Fix some rcube_utils::anytodatetime() corner cases with timezone mismatches (#1490163) - Improve move-to and contact-export button in classic skin (#1490166) - Fix wrong icon for download button in classic skin - Fix bug where sent message was saved in Sent folder even if disabled by user (#1490208) RELEASE 1.1-beta ---------------- - Fix skin path handling in plugin context (#1488967) - Prevent memory exhaustion on image resizing with GD on Windows (#1489937) - Add plugin hook for database table name lookups as requested in #1489837 - Added Oracle database support - Support contacts import in GMail CSV format - Added namespace filter in Folder Manager - Added folder searching in Folder Manager - Fix restoring draft messages from localStorage if editor mode differs (#1490016) - Added config option/user preference to disable saving messages in localStorage (#1489979) - Added config option 'imap_log_session' to enable Roundcube IMAP session ID logging - Added config option 'log_session_id' to control the lengh of the session identifer in logs - Implemented 'storage_connected' API hook after successful IMAP login (#1490025) - Intergrate Net_LDAP3 and rcube_ldap_generic classes - Add option (disabled_actions) to disable UI elements/actions (#1489638) - Support password encryption using openssl extension (#1489989) - Create/rename groups in UI dialogs (#1489951) - Added 'contact_search_name' option to define autocompletion entry format - Display quota information for current folder not INBOX only (#1487993) - Support images in HTML signatures (#1488676) - Display full quota information in popup (#1485769, #1486604) - Mail compose: Selecting contact inserts recipient to previously focused input - to/cc/bcc accordingly (#1489684) - Close "no subject" prompt with Enter key (#1489580) - Password: Add option to force new users to change their password (#1486884) - Improve support for screen readers and assistive technology using WCAG 2.0 and WAI ARIA standards - Enable basic keyboard navigation throughout the UI (#1487845) - Select/scroll to previously selected message when returning from message page (#1489023) - Display a warning if popup window was blocked (#1489618) - Remove (was: ...) from message subject on reply (#1489375) - Update to TinyMCE 4.1 (#1489057) - Enable autolink plugin in TinyMCE (#1488845) - Support image operations with Imagick extension (#1489734) - Support upload progress with session.upload_progress and PECL uploadprogress module (#1488702) - Make identity name field optional (#1489510) - Utility script to remove user records from the local database - Plugin API: Added message_saved hook (#1489752) - Plugin API: Added imap_search_before hook - Support messages import from zip archives - Zipdownload: Added mbox format support (#1486069) - Drop support for IE6, move IE7/IE8 support to legacy_browser plugin - Update to jQuery-2.1.1 - Search across multiple folders (#1485234) - Improve UI integration of ACL settings - Drop support for PHP < 5.3.7 - Set In-Reply-To and References for forwarded messages (#1489593) - Removed redundant default_folders config option (#1489737) - Implemented IMAP SPECIAL-USE extension support [RFC6154] (#1487830) - Optimize some framed pages content for better performance (#1489792) - Improve text messages display and conversion to HTML (#1488937) - Don't remove links when html signature is converted to text (#1489621) - Fix page title when using search filter (#1490023) - Fix mbox files import - Fix some character sets detection (#1490135) - Fix so attachment charset is set in headers of forward/draft message (#1490109) - Fix bug where wrong charset could be used for text attachment preview page (#1490106) RELEASE 1.0.5 ------------- - Fix wrong icon for download button in classic skin - Fix checks based on window.ActiveXObject in IE > 10 - Fix XSS issue in style attribute handling (#1490227) - Fix bug where Drafts list wasn't updated on draft-save action in new window (#1490225) - Fix so "set as default" option is hidden if identities_level > 1 (#1490226) - Fix javascript error in "IE 8.0/Tablet PC" browser (#1490210) - Fix bug where empty fieldmap config entries caused empty results of ldap search (#1490229) - Fix bug where sent message was saved in Sent folder even if disabled by user (#1490208) RELEASE 1.0.4 ------------- - Disable TinyMCE contextmenu plugin as there are more cons than pros in using it (#1490118) - Fix bug where show_real_foldernames setting wasn't honored on compose page (#1490153) - Fix issue where Archive folder wasn't protected in Folder Manager (#1490154) - Fix compatibility with PHP 5.2. in rcube_imap_generic (#1490115) - Fix setting flags on servers with no PERMANENTFLAGS response (#1490087) - Fix regression in SHAA password generation in ldap driver of password plugin (#1490094) - Fix displaying of HTML messages with absolutely positioned elements in Larry skin (#1490103) - Fix font style display issue in HTML messages with styled elements (#1490101) - Fix download of attachments that are part of TNEF message (#1490091) - Fix handling of uuencoded messages if messages_cache is enabled (#1490108) - Fix handling of base64-encoded attachments with extra spaces (#1490111) - Fix handling of UNKNOWN-CTE response, try do decode content client-side (#1490046) - Fix bug where creating subfolders in shared folders wasn't possible without ACL extension (#1490113) - Fix reply scrolling issue with text mode and start message below the quote (#1490114) - Fix possible issues in skin/skin_path config handling (#1490125) - Fix lack of delimiter for recipient addresses in smtp_log (#1490150) - Fix generation of Blowfish-based password hashes (#1490184) - Fix bugs where CSRF attacks were still possible on some requests [CVE-2014-9587]


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