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Ouverte par Aurélien PONCINI - 13.10.2014
Dernière modification par Aurélien PONCINI - 26.12.2014

FS#324 - Mise à jour Roundcube 1.0 -> 1.0.3

Mise à jour Roundcube 1.0 -> 1.0.3 http://trac.roundcube.net/wiki/Changelog RELEASE 1.0.3 Fix insert-signature command in external compose window if opened from inline compose screen (#1490074) Initialize HTML editor before restoring a message from localStorage (#1490016) Add 'sig_max_lines' config option to default config file (#1490071) Add option to specify IMAP connection socket parameters - imap_conn_options (#1489948) Add option to set default message list mode - default_list_mode (#1487312) Enable contextmenu plugin for TinyMCE editor (#1487014) Fix some mime-type to extension mapping checks in Installer (#1489983) Fix errors when using localStorage in Safari's private browsing mode (#1489996) Fix bug where $Forwarded flag was being set even if server didn't support it (#1490000) Fix various iCloud vCard issues, added fallback for external photos (#1489993) Fix invalid Content-Type header when send_format_flowed=false (#1489992) Fix errors when adding/updating contacts in active search (#1490015) Fix incorrect thumbnail rotation with GD and exif orientation data (#1490029) Fix contacts list update after adding/deleting/moving a contact (#1490028, #1490033) Fix handling of email addresses with quoted domain part (#1490040) Fix comm_path update on task switch (#1490041) Fix error in MSSQL update script 2013061000.sql (#1490061) Fix validation of email addresses with IDNA domains (#1490067) RELEASE 1.0.2 Fix storing unsaved drafts in localStorage (#1489818) Fix redundant horizontal scrollbar in HTML editor (#1489950) Fix PHP error in Preferences when default_folders was in dont_override (#1489940) Add configurable LDAP_OPT_DEREF option (#1489864) Fix unintentional draft autosave request if autosave is disabled (#1489882) Fix malformed References: header in send/saved mail (#1489891) Fix handling unicode characters in links (#1489898) Fix incorrect handling of HTML comments in messages sanitization code (#1489904) Fix so current page is reset on list-mode change (#1489907) Fix so responses menu hides on click in classic skin (#1489915) Fix unintentional line-height style modification in HTML messages (#1489917) Fix broken normalize_string(), add support for ISO-8859-2 (#1489918) Support csv contacts import in German localization (#1489920) Fix so message list and counters are updated when a message is opened in new window (#1489919) Fix malformed recipient name when composing a message by clicking on mailto link (#1489942) Fix list reload after sending message in another window (#1489931) Fix so address format errors are ignored when saving a draft (#1489954) Fix incorrect label translation in return receipt (#1489963) Fix security issue in delete-response action - allow only ajax request Fix Delete button state after deleting identity/response (#1489972) Fix bug where contacts with no email address were listed on compose addressbook (#1489970) Fix images import from various vCard formats (#1489977) Fix sorting messages by size on servers without SORT capability (#1489981) RELEASE 1.0.1 Support 'error' and 'body_file' return attribs in 'message_before_send' hook (#1489595) Apply user-specific replacements to group's base_dn property (#1489779) Fix missing email address when importing contacts from outlook csv (#1489830) Fix bug where "With attachment" option in search filter wasn't selected after return from mail view (#1489774) Fix "washing" of unicoded style attributes (#1489777) Fix unintentional redirect from compose page in Webkit browsers (#1489789) Fix messages index cache update under some conditions (e.g. proxy) (#1489756) Fix lack of translation of special folders in some configurations (#1489799) Fix XSS issue in plain text spellchecker (#1489806) Fix invalid page title for some folders (1489804) Fix redundant alert message on over-size uploads (#1489817) Fix next message display after removing a message (#1489800) Fix missing Mail-Followup-To header in sent mail (#1489829) Fix error when spell-checking an empty text (#1489831) Avoid popupmenus being closed when scrollbar is clicked (#1489832) Add proxy_whitelist configuration option (#1489729) Fix identities_level=4 handling in new_user_dialog plugin (#1489840) Fix various db_prefix issues (#1489839) Fix too small length of users.preferences column data type on MySQL Fix redundant warning when switching from html to text in empty editor (#1489819) Fix invalid host validation on login (#1489841) Fix IMAP connection test in installer so it is aware of imap_auth_type (#1489746)


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