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Ouverte par Nicolas DEVOUGE - 11.06.2014
Dernière modification par Aurélien PONCINI - 26.12.2014

FS#277 - Mise à jour Zpush + backend Zimbra

Mise à jour Z-push 2 en 2.1.2 : http://z-push.org/z-push-2-1-2-released/ Changes since Z-Push 2.1.1: New features [ZP-462] - Enhance Z-Push webservice api to give list of users General [ZP-467] - Process ItemOperations:Schema tag [ZP-477] - Interpret WindowsSize of 0 as 512 [ZP-481] - Empty Supported tag breaks synchronization [ZP-493] - Z-Push state version file is broken [ZP-494] - LG-D802 stops syncing after Settings command Zarafa [ZP-489] - Attendee of MR is duplicated Mise à jour du backend Zimbra pour Zpush en version 60 : http://sourceforge.net/projects/zimbrabackend/files/Release60/ Changes Made To Revision 60: z-push-2 version ONLY These changes are for the z-push-2 version ONLY The z-push-1 and as12.1 versions are still at Revision 54 - Save folder owner at Setup for shared folders, and use folder owner as organizer when creating appointments in a shared calendar folder - Add new function isZimbraObjectInSyncInterval() to check if an item being changed/deleted by a device is within the devices sync window. - Assign default of 'Unavailable' to _changeToken if it is not already set - Initialise _cacheChangeToken to 'NotSet' if cache is not used - Do not use absFolderPath for shared folder as it is path in other mailbox - Rename _deviceAgent to _ua - Add 'Android/4.4' as a multi-folder capable _ua string - Removed uninitialized variable _num_soap_calls from function SoapRequest() - Add authToken to header for NoOpRequest() calls for Nginx traversal - Don't call isZimbraObjectInSyncInterval() from ChangeMessage if id is blank - Add check for parentid '0' in GetFolder() before identifying it as a special folder - Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, Outbox - Change the eol in SendMail from "\n" to "\r\n" as Outlook 2013 was unable to display Sent Items correctly with "\n"
Nicolas DEVOUGE a commenté le 11.06.2014 09:11
Le backend Zimbra est à jour.
Nicolas DEVOUGE a commenté le 11.06.2014 09:14
z-push : z-push-2.1.1-1788 -> z-push-2.1.2-1873 backend Zimbra : 59 -> 60 Mise à jour terminée.


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