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Ouverte par Aurélien PONCINI - 26.04.2014
Dernière modification par Aurélien PONCINI - 26.12.2014

FS#260 - Mise à jour z-push

Nous procédons à la mise à jour de la partie PUSH (ActiveSync). Aucune coupure à prévoir. * Changes : Changes Made To Revision 59: z-push-2 version ONLY * - Add folders to local cache to reduce server load on Logon, especially on * initial sync where the device will repeatedly connect to request more data * while at the same time few if any changes will be made to the server content * - Added setting CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 3 to avoid errors on some platforms * - Improved publicURL matching and reduced associated logging * - Changed RowCmp() fix in diffstate.php to allow testing for presence of fix * - Added test for RowCmp() fix to Logon() function. If the fix is not detected * an error is logged to z-push-error.log * - Fix adding appointment to shared calendar * - Fix changes to shared calendars notified on linkid instead of zimbrafolderid * Note zimbra considers these non-critical so does not notify immediately. The * notification will be returned when the current ChangesSink expires * - Remove restriction on moving items between personal/shared folders as * fix for notifications in this release solves the issue * - Make sure dayofweek/dayofmonth values are set before outputting appointments * - Make sure exceptions arrays exist before foreach in ChangeMessage (APPT) * - Added loop to check for changes to both folders and links in ChangesSink * - Added User Agent string to soap context headers * - Removed .z-push-2 extension from revision as other versions are deprecated * - Added extra checks for notify block in ChangesSink to catch some previously * missed notifications, and to identify item Moves * - Set default timeout to 60 seconds on ChangesSink * - Various code clean-ups * - Remove the & references from calls to ChangesSinkNotify() * * Changes Made To Revision 58: z-push-2 version ONLY * - Fix Logoff to only call EndSessionRequest if session was _connected and * also add try/catch to ensure no exceptions are throw back to index.php * - Change flagged memory amount to 10M in ReportMemoryUsage * - Filter out Content-Transfer-Encoding header in SendMail * - Fix content-transfer-encoding substring length (change from 13 to 26) * - Add authToken back into SoapRequest header as it seems that passing it as * a cookie does not suffice in all scenarios * - Implement Flags support to sync set/unset flags both ways. Also sends * updated LastVerbExecuted * - Removed default value "=false" from $contentParameters parameter on * functions MoveMessage, ChangeMessage, DeleteMessage and SetReadFlag * - Change GetDocumentLibrary to use exact filename given (remove str_replace)


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